Sunday, 10 April 2016

There is no grey in what we do

Yesterday was Goran's debut race at Vereeniging Kart Circuit (aka Bridgestone Adrenalin Raceway). He was competing in the 'Minions' class, for kids aged 5 - 8. Of the seven tiny drivers, he was the youngest (having turned five just three-and-a-half months ago). His new buddy Georgia (the cherubic blonde tomboy in the pics below) turns six this month.

In his four ten-minute heats, Goran managed a fourth, third, seventh, and another fourth, which meant fourth overall for the day. I am so relieved all the practicing with Lee these past few months paid off. Our little guy's focus and determination on the track was outstanding, and a prouder set of parents you'd be hard-pressed to find!

The last time I spent a full day at the races was to photograph Team Bazinga (Lee, his brother Gary, and their teammate Warren) at the now-defunct Kyalami Kart Circuit just under two years ago. When you take into account all the pre-race prep in the garage and kitchen the night before, the very early start, the looong drive to and from the circuit, and an entire day spent outdoors, it is extremely exhausting. I honestly don't know how these petrolheads do it. I guess if you're truly passionate about something, the hours fly by. Me, my passions lie elsewhere.

As much as I loved being there to support my small human (I wouldn't have missed his first race for the world!), I certainly won't be giving up all my weekends for this. The only other track in Gauteng at the moment is Zwartkops Kart Circuit, south-west of Pretoria, which is also a schlep for us Joburgers to get to. We really need another Kyalami, where spectators like moms and grandparents can drop in for an hour or two, without putting their whole life on hold.

Speaking of passions and debuts, my book baby Umbilicus will be officially birthed at Skoobs, Theatre of Books in Montecasino in the next couple of months (by August latest, when my photographer, Marianne Brits-Strodl moves to London). I will be making an appointment this week to go see the event co-ordinator (who just happens to be a fellow adoptee!) to confirm a date for my launch party. If you haven't yet checked out my author website, please do so when you have a mo. And go 'Like' my author page on Facebook to be kept updated with any new info.

Have a wonderful week ahead, peeps! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog :)