Sunday, 17 August 2014

Death becomes her

Last night we had a bunch of close friends over for a 'Sandton Supermodel Fiasco' Murder Mystery Dinner Party to celebrate my 40th, which is tomorrow. As much as we would've loved to invite ALL our mates, we were limited by budget and space constraints. Below is a smörgåsbord of pics which I think capture the essence of our unique little evening quite nicely :)

Above: The invite I created

Below: I hardly ever make a fuss over my birthday, but one's 40th is quite a milestone, so I decided to go all out and actually spend some time and money on decor, most of which I got from Showbiz in Cresta

Above and below: Personalised evidence markers and cupcake wrappers by my sister-in-law's business Lasercut Studio in Wynberg

All 'people' pics below taken by my mate Marianne

Yes, that is a giant fake boob popping out of my dress. According to the script, my character 'Mimi' was a "bouncy blonde" with a 10-year-old son whose father's identity is not known. She fell pregnant in high school and was kicked out the family home. She started selling makeup to make ends meet before becoming a successful MUA, and is now a suspect in the murder of Foxxy, a notorious Sandton supermodel with lots of enemies. The costumes and accessories were all supplied by the party organiser and we had, like, 10 minutes to dig through a mountain of stuff laid out on two double beds, to put our character's 'look' together.

My beautiful booty of pressies - thanks friendies!