Thursday, 2 October 2014

Survivors inspire!

Book launch + documentary screening = great night out!

Above: Monica Zwolsman, the effervescent and acerbic author of Love. Loss. Life, with her beautiful boys (source: Facebook)

Below: Some pics I snapped of the stunning David Krut Bookstore and art gallery in Parkwood, which now seems to have all but completely taken over from Hadeda. I've actually interviewed and worked with both David Krut and Desiré Armstrong (the owner of Hadeda) in the past, and although a token selection of Hadeda pieces does still remain, it looks like Des has moved the bulk of her business online.

Above: The massively inspiring and influential Melinda Ferguson of MFBooks Joburg, an indie imprint of Jacana Media, and the publisher of Monica's memoir (source: Facebook)

Below: Free screening of Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir at Amuse Cafe in Linden