Thursday, 27 November 2014

Selfie sticks FTW

Not counting the myriad superstitions that my mom passed onto me, there are a few pieces of advice she gave me that have really stuck over the years: one was to not paint myself into a corner (I always said I would never get married or have children, and look at me now, haha!); the other was to always take a picture of a landscape or a place with a person in it, otherwise you'll never look at that photo again. Try it! Go through all your old photos (prints or digital) and see how many of them will actually be worth looking at over and over again in the decades to come. Guaranteed 90 percent of them have familiar faces in them.

Now unless there was that one person in your family or circle of friends who knew how to use his / her camera's self-timer mode, and was patient enough to shepherd everyone together in order to pose, there was always the problem of that one person missing from group photos... the poor sod behind the lens.

Enter group selfies using your smartphone. Great idea, but we still have a problem: most people don't have arms long enough for the camera to be far away enough to fit everyone into the frame...

Introducing the selfie stick: a handheld telescopic monopod (a metre-long extendable arm) with a adjustable clip mount for your phone at the far end, operated by a tiny bluetooth remote control. With a 180 degree head rotation, this nifty little device allows you to capture a wider panoramic view and enables you get some really cool and unusual points of view that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to achieve. (Check out local lad Gareth Pon's Instagram feed for some awe-inspiring examples of unusual camera angles.)

"If 2013 was the year in which selfie became a buzzword, then 2014 was the year selfies became a cultural phenomenon." ~ TIME magazine

The selfie stick has made it onto TIME magazine's list of 25 best inventions of 2014

Personally, I think the term 'selfie stick' is a bit misleading because not only does it sound really 'narcissistick' (see what I did there, eh, eh?), but this rad little gadget is about sooo much more than just taking better solo or group selfies...

For people who love to travel, having a selfie stick is great for when you, or you and your significant other, want to commemorate a special moment with a great souvenir shot in, say, a pretty remote location, and there's no-one around to take the picture for you. It's also a helluva lot simpler, and safer, than asking some random dude in a touristy hotspot to take a photo of / for you, then watching helplessly as he hoofs it outta there, with your (very expensive) phone in tow.

Besides the obvious solo or group selfies and the afore-mentioned sightseeing shots, selfie sticks are ideal for weddings, parties, music concerts, sporting events, outdoor activities, video diaries... the possibilities are endless. (Note: For basic shots, the phone screen will be facing you, and you will use the front-facing camera. But for a higher resolution picture, you'll have to use the phone's back camera, which means forefeiting the preview on your screen).
Below: Some examples of how peeps are already putting their selfie sticks to good use...

If you, like me, want to get your hands on one of these babies these holidays, I found an amazing deal on them HERE

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Oh, and while you're at it, I'll take one of these too. Please and thank you!

Below: Some of my favourite 'old skool selfies'. I can't WAIT to see what kind of pics I am going to be able to take with my new selfie stick. Watch this space for an update in the next couple of months...