Thursday, 11 September 2014

The world’s first synthetic organ transplant

A couple of months ago I got a heads up from a friend of mine on a cool-sounding collaborative creative campaign to commemorate the 140th anniversary (1874 - 2014) of high-end, hipster Scottish knitwear label Lyle & Scott. Facilitated by their ad agency DDB South Africa, they commissioned local artists, creatives and fans of the brand to create 140 original artworks which are now collectively known as the 140 Series.

The 140 years / creative inspirations were chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. I selected the year 2011, whose corresponding number was 137A PDF template was supplied by the agency, and the brief was as follows:

Space allowance:
You need to work within an area of 400mm wide by 320mm high (boundary box). This area cannot be exceeded.

The number:
In the middle of the boundary box there is a number that must be used as a reference. Your illustration has to read as this number (in my case 137). The perimeter of the number is a guide and is not a strict bound - feel free to overflow these lines.

Creative content:
Your illustration must reference the following historic event, as specified by the client: 2011 saw the world’s first synthetic organ transplant. Surgeons in Sweden carried out the procedure using an artificial windpipe created by scientists in London. It was coated in stem cells from the patient before the transplant. This was a modern day miracle, as the technique does not need a donor, and there is no risk of the organ being rejected.

Upon submitting your artwork you will be paid R200, which is also the reserve price on your artwork at the online auction. Any amount above the reserve price that your artwork fetches will be paid to you as well. The top three artworks that fetch the highest bids will receive R5,000, R3,000, and R2,000 respectively. Based on creative excellence, DDB SA will award two six-month paid creative agency internships to student participants.

Live online auction (10 September - 5 October):
Click here and scroll down to view all 140 submissions (as you'll notice, a huge percentage of them do NOT conform to the specs as set out in the brief, and for this I am presuming they will be disqualified from winning any of the prizes). Feel free to bid on mine if you'd like ;-) Every little bit counts!

Gala gallery event (9 October):
Once the bidding has closed, you can make your payment. You will receive an invitation to the exhibition of all 140 artworks, where you can mingle with fellow art enthusiasts, enjoy some food and drinks, and take your artwork home with you :)

Below is a series of photos I snapped during the creative process.