Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Catch me if you can

Tomorrow is exactly one month since my last blog post. And what a mad, busy time it's been. So busy in fact that, looking back on the past few posts, I've realised there are huge chunks of info missing, dating all the way back to early August. I thought, therefore, that this would be as good a time as any to fill in some of the gaps and bring you up to speed on all the goings-on in my cool, crazy, colourful life here in the big, bad-assed City of Gold.

Besides an attempted house-breaking on 5th August (which I managed to foil and get the guy arrested), it's actually been all good. Highlights have included a whole bunch of firsts, such as buying Goran his first bicycle (and teaching him how to ride it - with training wheels, obviously!), attending our first Parents' Evening at his playschool, meeting my maternal half-brother for the first time (a very emotional event, the details of which I have decided to chronicle in my adoption novoir, rather than here on my blog), hosting my first 100% vegan-friendly dinner party (while my food didn't turn out quite how I planned, the company was great, and I now know a LOT more about this highly-dedicated lifestyle and where in Jozi to go and stock up on groceries and ingredients). As well as dinner with my brother Dave (up from Cape Town on business), family time with my sister-in-law and her fiancé (out from Ireland for several weeks, planning their February Stellenbosch wedding), a daytrip to Parys and a book launch with my mom (up from Durbs and staying with us at the time), a beer fest, a contemporary and alternative Eighties rock show, a burlesque show, an exhibition of plastinated cadavers, project managing a double bathroom reno (the results of which I will photograph and upload in a future blog post), and landing a fab new job (commission-based), selling seats to delegates on the various Business Writing courses offered by Writers Write. Oh, and last but not least, celebrating my 39th birthday, as well as my two-year-anniversary of being cancer-free.

Below is a selection of pics I've cobbled together (in chronological order though, to satisfy my OCD), in an effort to help portray the three-month story above. (Note: unless otherwise stated, the Copyright belongs to me).

Above: Meeting my half-brother Zane (seven years younger than me) at OR Tambo International

Above and below: A bit of mother-son dress-up fun at Kiki's Vintage Photo Studio in Parys

Above and below: Bubbles and beans, baby!

Above: Test-driving his page boy outfit for Kim and Dave's wedding (we're hoping he doesn't have too much of a growth spurt between now and February!)

Below: A cystic teratoma, similar to the monstrosity they excised from my own abdominal cavity two years ago. For those of you who aren't squeamish, this video shows exactly what I went through. The tumour in the clip is 18cm in diameter, mine was 16cm. Pretty grim, huh?

Above: My top bun for Bailey Schneider

Above: In a hall full of naked corpses, surprisingly this was the only exhibit that I found disturbing. Image © Johanne Miller

Above and below: I went along and photographed Goran and his little classmates when the Mobile Reptile Zoo came to school

Above: Lee and me, five months away from our '20 years together' anniversary

Below: Me and my mate Marianne

Above: Image © Marianne Brits-Strodl