Monday, 18 June 2012

11 - 15 June 2012

Bath-time the night before we left for a five-night holiday with my folks in KZN. Three nights in the Berg, two nights in Durbs.

A pit stop at Dad's work, for him to tie up a few loose ends, before leaving the city limits and making tracks for the mountains

Snug as a bug in his new MooMoo Kiddigrow, in front of a roaring fire on our first night in my folks' timeshare chalet at Champagne Sports Resort

Going for one of our family's favourite little walks on the Drakensberg Boys' Choir School grounds, a few k's down the road

Above and below: Hand in hand with his adoring grandparents

A prouder grandpa you will not find

Early morning frost outside our bedroom window. Sadly, no snow.

Above and below: Blowing off some steam at Notties in the Midlands, en route from the Berg to Durbs

All in all, a wonderful, much-needed break from the rat race. Mother Nature at her finest. Candy for the eyes, food for the soul :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hidden gem in Mountainview

Like they say in the classics, "Aah, fuckit!" I'm tired of hiding my light under a bushel. I love Jozi, I love taking photographs of her, and I cannot / will not stop myself from experiencing the rush that comes from sharing some of my special finds with others. Henceforth this series of pics taken on our little family outing to Shepstone Gardens Open Gardens yesterday.

I had so badly wanted to have Goran's baby shower here (several people I know have tied the knot here), but we could've paid for his entire private primary school career for the amount they charge for venue hire. Not quite, but the privilege of holding a function amidst turn-of-last-century Sir Herbert Baker architecture (the original buildings anyway) nestled in impeccably manicured grounds like this doesn't come cheap. Please bear in mind that these shots were taken in WINTER, so you can just imagine how ridiculously lush the place looks in summer.