Monday, 28 November 2011

Partners in crime & crimes of fashion

Lee and I tied the knot on 11 June 2005 after eleven years together (a decade-long courtship plus a year-long engagement), nine of which were spent co-habiting in various cities, including Joburg, Durban, and London.

The other day an old friend of mine, whom I met back in 1994 when we were both living in 'The Y' on Musgrave Road in Durbs, asked me to email her some high res pics, including my favourite one of Goran (who will be turning one in three weeks time), and my favourite wedding photo of me and Lee. She's a very creative and generous soul, with something clearly up her sleeve for our Christmas pressies. (We're hooking up for lunch at OR Tambo on Wednesday). Unfortunately our wedding photographer couldn't find our disk or negatives, so I didn't have anything of print quality I could send her, and she settled for another of my favourite pics of me and Lee, taken just five weeks before Goran was conceived.

1 May 2010

It was kind of a blessing in disguise, actually - the fact that I didn't have any wedding pics to send her - because, to be perfectly honest, I don't particularly like the way I looked on my wedding day. Firstly, I hadn't had my Cindy Crawford mole removed at that stage, and in all the close-ups, it's the first damn thing your eye is drawn to. Well, my eye anyway. (Thank God I have subsequently learned how to remove the little bugger in Photoshop). Secondly, I should've gone with my gut and worn my hair down, because I think the upstyle looked somewhat old-fashioned and too severe. Thirdly I should've ditched the silly choker (it was actually the detachable halter-neck strap of the dress which we had converted into a choker), because it just looked cheap and costumey. And lastly, I should've worn heavier eye makeup and red lips, like I usually do for special occasions.

11 June 2005

Anyway, yesterday, while I was taking pics of my new Ruff Tung shift, I spied my wedding dress in the top of my cupboard and decided to see what it would look like on, six-and-a-half years down the line. I must say, even though I'm about seven kilos heavier now than I was back then, I am much more in tune with my personal style, and generally just a lot more comfortable in my skin. And I think it shows. This is how I would like to look if I ever have the opportunity of walking down the aisle with Lee again. A good enough reason as any to renew our vows at some point, methinks...

27 November 2011

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Goran goes to Sebastian's birthday party

Below: Delta Park

Below: The beautifully maintained Simba Playground in Delta Park (less than a ten-minute drive from our house). Goran absolutely loved it, and we will definitely be back.

Above: The birthday boy Sebastian, and his dad Nick
Below: Sebastian's mom Natasha

Yes, I confess to eating all the sweets in his goodie bag. So sue me.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Done & dusted

I don't claim to be particularly 'well-read', although I love books. And reading. 

Where my mom is a voracious reader who collects books like a redhead collects freckles in summer, I'm not a collector. I regularly weed my library, keeping only those titles that I really, truly love. Stuff that I would like to one day read again, or have on hand for reference, or lend to family and friends. The rest I take along and sell to one of the many second-hand book stores in our neighbourhood. For every ten books I offload, I am usually able to buy two 'new' ones.

My tastes tend towards crime fiction (I am a huge Patricia Cornwell fan), autobiographies (anything sex, drugs and rock 'n roll orientated is always top of my list), pop culture (music, fashion), art and design (architecture, photography), and travel (I like to read up about the countries or cities I am going to visit before embarking on my journey). I am also a big supporter of homegrown talent, and have a lovely selection of books penned by local authors, many of whom I have met or personally know.

Today, whilst my mom-in-law looked after Goran, I got stuck into organising my little home library. An incredibly gratifying 'chore' indeed.

Below: The local stuff
Side note: It was only after posting this that I realised Smashed: Growing Up a Drunk Girl by Karen Zailckas is not local, but it was too late to take another photo. Just think of it like a continuity error in a movie. Evident, acknowledged, and hopefully forgivable.

Below: Lee's stuff

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Drakensberg holiday - part 4

All images Copyright © 2011 Paula Gruben

Below: A visit to Ash Grove farm and resident photographer Mike Behr's quaint Moods of the Mountain art gallery

Mike and his trusty hound, Dusty of the Drakensberg

A pic I took of the signed canvas print I have ordered