Wednesday, 20 July 2011

17 - 19 July 2011

My folks were in town these past few days. They stayed in a stunning B&B just down the road from us because we recently got rid of one of our two queen-size beds in the lead-up to the conversion of the spare room into Goran's room proper. It all worked out really well; my dad would drop off my mom at the house with me and Goran in the mornings on his way to a conference he was attending at Wits Medical School, then come join us all for dinner in the evenings.

While they were here this time, I really wanted to show them two places that I love and consider quintessentially Jozi, one being Melrose Arch (where Lee proposed to me on our ten-year 'going out anniversary' back in 2004), the other being 44 Stanley. Below are a series of shots I snapped whilst meandering around the latter on Sunday.

My mom is a serious bibliophile, and was thrilled to find a copy of this out-of-print book she's been wanting for ages now. (It was actually one of my personal faves growing up).

After that we headed to the charming Cape Dutch-style Carvers restaurant near home for a fabulous buffet lunch (R135pp). Their beef-and-beer stew is to die for, although I wasn't too impressed with the puddings.

A lovely little shop I came across at Lifestyle Home Garden yesterday.
It's one of the few places my mom and I found that stocks winter onesies in 12 - 18 months, the size Goran is wearing now. Yip, at almost 10kg my sproglet is already as big as the average one-year old! Hard to believe when you look at pics of him born only seven months ago, at a paltry 1.78kg. On Monday this week (Madiba's birthday), Goran was officially out (in the real world) for exactly the same amount of time that he was in (my womb). Thirty weeks apiece.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

30 June 2011 - part 2

All images Copyright © 2011 Paula Gruben

After lunch, as we were leaving uShaka, we came across these PonyCycle ride-on toys which are by far the coolest activity toy for kids I've seen in a long time. Entertainment and exercise all rolled into one. [For more info on how they work, click here].

Later that afternoon my mom and I took a drive by our old house, where I lived for the majority of my childhood (primary school right through to Matric). It holds many happy memories for me, and I still remember every square centimetre of that property like the back of my hand.

In the middle is my old bedroom window, which opened onto the front verandah, and had a view of the street.

The first time I've seen these specially designated parking spaces, right at the entrance of the Westville Mall. Apparently we have them at most shopping centres in Joburg as well, but I have personally yet to see one.

Goran and my dad

30 June 2011 - part 1

All images Copyright © 2011 Paula Gruben

A visit to uShaka and the beachfront

View north from uShaka Pier. The facebrick monstrosity on the left in the foreground is Addington Hospital, where I was born back in 1974. On the far right in the distance is the Moses Mabhida Stadium, built for last year's FIFA World Cup.

My mom (in the red) and her BFF Kathy, who has known me since I was a baby

Left: Me as a baby
Right: Goran

Left: Kathy and me as a baby
Right: Kathy and Goran