Sunday, 29 May 2011

We don't drink pink drinks, Dave

Yesterday morning we dropped off Goran with Lee's folks at the townhouse they are renting on Jackal Creek Golf Estate, before heading off to the Brightwater Commons for their annual Oyster, Wine and Food Festival. After spending a few lovely lazy hours catching up with mates, we headed home to have a long, late afternoon kip, and then freshened up for a night on the tiles at The Bohemian. It was the first completely and utterly child-free 24 hours Lee and I had had since the bub came home in mid-January, and we were determined to make the most of it.

Then today we headed back to Jackal Creek to fetch Goran and have a buffet lunch (R55pp) with Lee's folks at the clubhouse. Afterwards we took a drive round the estate, and popped into the show house, which was recently sold (unfurnished) for R1.8m.

I love the contemporary style and finishes of everything, but it's the 164 hectares of indigenous landscaping that impresses me the most. Kudos to the developers, Montagu Property Group (the same people behind Joburg's 'prestigous' Dainfern Golf Estate) for keeping it real this time. Not even a hint of pretentious Tuscan schmuscan shite in site.

Below: The clubhouse

Below: The halfway house

Below: The show house

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

X marks the spot

Today we took part in the most hotly contested Municipal Elections between the ANC and DA to date.

As soon as we arrived at our local polling station to cast our votes, we were ushered to the front of a very long queue of people in the hot midday sun because we had a baby. The IEC guy did, however, have a proper squiz inside the pram first - presumably to make sure it was indeed human, and not a doll. Or a dog. Lee and I immediately hatched a plan to hire out Goran to impatient voters over the course of the next few hours. Make ourselves some quick and easy cash. Like the crafty folk behind the rent-a-baby-to-beggars-at-traffic-lights scheme. But then we remembered our lunch date with the parentals and had to abandon the whole idea because of rather sketchy logistics.

It took us 20 minutes to make our mark on the ballots. Start to finish. Now we sit and wait with bated breath for all the votes to be counted. To see if the DA manages to pip the ANC to the post here in Jozi, and if Mmusi Maimane will get a chance to don the Mayor's mantle and have an opportunity to show how, under the right governance, what a world-class city this can be.

Then, after whiling away a lovely lazy afternoon at Lee's folks' place, braaiing and chatting with his brother Gary about his upcoming wedding at The Moon and Sixpence, we arrived home to the very apt sight of a massive golden moon, rising majestically over Egoli. I hope and I pray that this heralds the start of a new chapter in South African politics, and is a sign of good things to come. For us, and the future of our son.

Bonding with Uncle Gary

Thursday, 12 May 2011

I love my job!

...As freelance-writer-slash-full-time-mom-and-wife.

Besides photography, writing is definitely my natural forté, and one which I was lucky enough to make a living off of for a while.

For the 18 months I worked at Live Out Loud magazine – first in-house, then as a freelance contributor – mine was predominantly the art, design and décor beat. Profiling individuals at the top of their game.

For the February 2009 issue I interviewed and wrote a feature on Desiré Armstrong, the owner of Hadeda, South Africa’s pre-eminent importer and stockist of hand-picked, hand-crafted décor, homeware and gift items from Mexico and South America.

Last week, more than two years later, Des managed to hunt me down in the White Pages (I didn't even know we were listed) and then when I didn't respond to her voice message (I have no idea how to retrieve them on our landline), via Facebook. She wanted me to beef up and polish off the copy for the store’s soon-to-be-launched new-and-improved website.

Yesterday I spent six hours with Des and her assistant Jess, a recent Wits University Fine Arts graduate, working on the assignment. Below are a selection of pics I took during the course of the day – to remind myself of the myriad product categories and sub-categories I need to cover.

Good news for visitors to the revamped site is that all Hadeda stock is going to be purchasable online. In this day and age of convenient armchair shopping, a very wise move for the future success of the business. In my opinion anyway.

Lee’s folks very kindly babysat Goran for me, from 9am till 4:30pm – the longest time I have spent apart from my baby boy since he came home in mid-January. I cannot tell you how happy I was to have him back in my arms at the end of the day. And this morning I had fun introducing him to his first finger puppet, an adorable little tiger I had spied tucked away in the cabinet behind the store's front desk...