Ticking off a biggie on the bucket list

Sjoe! What a crazy few days this has been. The culmination of around four months of intense editing, formatting, designing, content creation, marketing, and networking like a mofo, all in the lead-up to the soft launch of my book baby, Umbilicus. (I literally saved myself around R36k, just by learning how to do everything myself!) Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, the book should start receiving some publicity on various blogs and websites over the next several weeks, in the lead up to my official launch at Skoobs, Theatre of Books in Montecasino on Tuesday 2nd August 2016.

I am now working on my proposal to get Umbilicus onto the recommended reading list of South African high schools, specifically for the Development of the self in society syllabus of the national Life Orientation curriculum. I would very much like to get involved in giving Teen Talks to the students as a value-added service to the schools, to discuss with the kids issues of: crisis pregnancy, abortion, adoption, suicide, self-esteem, and identity. To facilitate dialogue and debate about their own feelings and experiences, and provide emotional support and practical solutions (links to local resources) to help those who may be secretly facing similar challenges or crises in their own lives.

Who knows where Umbilicus will take me, how far it will carry me and sustain me, how many lives it will touch, how many readers it will elucidate, empower, and inspire. But one thing I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that right now my heart feels whole, and my soul feels strong. Ticking off a biggie like this on one's bucket list is pretty damn gratifying, I gotta tell ya!

Umbilicus is available as both an ebook and paperback. Please visit the Buy the Book page on my website to find a bookstore most convenient for you.

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Below is a brief visual diary of how I took my raw manuscript to finished product. You'll find more in-depth info on what I learnt about the self-publishing process here.