Jumpin' Jack Flash

After our regular Saturday morning Little Kickers football lesson, we took Goran to check out iJUMP, a new indoor trampoline arena at Clearwater Crossing, and I'm relieved to say it was a huge hit!

There is no age limit for jumpers, although most are youngsters. To make things safer for kids, there is a dedicated iKIDZ arena which is reserved exclusively for littlies aged 2 - 6. Those age 7+, and a minimum of 110cm tall, may jump in the main arena, where the weight limit per jumper is 110kg. Although there are trained iJUMP staff members on hand to show kids the ropes and make sure everyone plays safely, all children have to be supervised by an adult at all times.

Each session is an hour long, starting on the hour, every hour. It is recommended you get there 15 minutes early, to sign the indemnity form and pay your jumping fee: R120 per hour for main arena, age 7+ • R70 per hour for iKIDZ arena, ages 2 - 6 • Spectators free.
The fee includes a pair of iJUMP socks, which are compulsory to wear on the trampolines. Each jumper gets a coloured wristband on entering the jump area so the staff can monitor individual jump time. Spectators are free to walk around and watch the action from the mezzanine level or the sidelines, or just sit and have a bite to eat (the on-site kitchen makes the most delicious sliders!) It is nice and airy, but completely protected from the elements. A great place for play dates and kids' parties, no matter the weather. They are open 9am - 9pm Monday - Thursday, 9am - 10pm on Fridays, 8am - 10pm on Saturdays, 8am - 8pm on Sundays, and 8am - 9:30pm on public holidays.

Below: iJUMP main arena

Below: iKIDZ arena

Because trampolining is categorised as an extreme sport, safety has to be taken seriously. There is a very comprehensive set of rules and guidelines on iJUMP's website, which is designed to minimise risk of injury to all jumpers. Staff members are always present to ensure the rules are adhered to. There is also a dedicated first aider on site at all times who can attend to any injuries. And they have a scheduled maintenance programme to perform regular equipment checks.

All in all, a very well-run affair. Highly recommended. We will definitely be back!