Saturday, 24 October 2015

Another chapter closed

For the past three years, Goran has been going to Jungle Tots Northcliff which, as far as playschools go, couldn't have been a better fit for our little family. This morning was his third and final end-of-year concert with them (see pics for 2014 and 2013), before he starts 'big school' in the new year. It feels kinda strange, saying goodbye to all these sweet kids, their parents, and the amazing bunch of teachers who have been so incredibly good to him / us these past few years. But, as time marches on, I guess it's time to look towards the exciting new chapter in our lives. Go well, Jungle Tots! Thanks for an awesome ride!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Factory Girl

A few weeks ago I posted about my mate Marianne's debut photographic exhibition. Well, last night we went along to check it out, and it was not just an exhibition, it was a full-on EVENT, replete with live band (Savage Lucy), burlesque performers (Coco California and Miss Oh), complimentary wine, and of course, all the framed photography on display. A fabulous and memorable occasion indeed!