Monday, 22 December 2014

May the fourth be with you, my beautiful boy

For a child who was supposed to be born on 16 February 2011 (an Aquarian in the Year of the Rabbit), but arrived on 20 December 2010 (a Sagittarian in the Year of the Tiger), Goran now gets to celebrate his birthday TWICE in one month: First in the last week of school, before they break up for the holidays... then again two-and-a-half week's later, just five days before Christmas - his actual birthday. All seriously confusing for the poor little guy - on both a conscious level and, I believe, a much deeper 'soul level' (water-bearer becomes the archer, rabbit becomes a tiger... that's some pretty messed up shit, haha!) Needless to say, by the time Santa is due to pay us his annual visit, Mama and Papa Bear are pretty knackered and very broke. Thank God we're going to my brother-in-law's place for our big family lunch on Christmas Day this year, and then a mates' place for New Year's Eve, as I honestly don't think I could handle planning / hosting another event the size of Goran's 4th birthday party (60 guests) for at least another year. Okay, maybe Lee's 40th in September. Nine months away. I reckon that's do-able ;-)

Below: Cupcakes made by my mate Kendal of Two Little Tarts, for his birthday ring at school

Below: On the morning of his actual birthday. VERY excited about the big bash that afternoon. Showing off his brand new Captain America costume from my folks.

Below: For the first three years we held Goran's birthday parties at home, but this year we decided to shake things up a bit and do it at my in-law's place. We had use of the precinct's pool and clubhouse, and the surrounding lawns where we set up a hired jumping castle and slip 'n slide, which the kids loved. Besides the three-tier cake collapsing on the ride over (picture below), the whole day was a roaring success, and Goran was spoilt rotten with the most incredible pressies any four-year-old boy could wish for. We really do have the most thoughtful and generous family and friends. (Thanks you guys, you know who you are!) The photos below were taken by myself, Natasha, Terry, Marianne and Carol. (Thanks, ladies!!)

Above: Goran's four favourite superheroes in one beautiful cake, made by Terry of Terry's Cakes. (Yes, you comic book nazis, we did mix Marvel and DC. At least it was two of each, so ultimately it's even stevens. Go take a chill pill.)

Below: Lee's attempt to 'rescue' the collapsed cake. Even if it didn't look as pretty as it could've, it still tasted damn good.

Above: Opening pressies with the help of his buddy Sebastian, at sunset, not long after most of the guests had gone home

Below: All that was left of the cake!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Foxy Lady in Ferreirastown

Yesterday I finally got a chance to check out 1Fox, a new(ish) artisanal food market and events venue in downtown Jozi. I was not disappointed. This is just my kinda vibe. What a fab multi-purpose spot! Dying to find an excuse to go back again. A night market with mates, perhaps? You can read up all about the fascinating history of the buildings and the neighbourhood here.

Above: Luna Films were hosting a pop-up cinema screening last night. Goran LOVED all the beanbags!

In response to a query I posted on their Facebook page a few weeks ago, they will be "closing at the end of trade on Sunday 21 December and re-opening on Friday 23 January. Some improvements and changes coming to the market during the break..."

If you haven't been yet, and are looking for something to do this weekend, get your ass down there. You won't regret it. Although the bar does take cards and most of the stalls have a SnapScan option, it's probably easier to just take cash. There is safe, enclosed parking (R10 a car) directly opposite the entrance. And you'll find comprehensive directions to the venue here. Enjoy!