Sunday, 26 October 2014

Saturday arvie in Rosebank - Part 2 of 2

Walking round Rosebank Mall yesterday, following its recent relaunch after a R930 million refurb, it was virtually impossible to make out anything familiar or reminiscent of the original shopping centre. The new mall is really bright and spacious, and there are a lot of great new shops, including SA's very first stand-alone River Island and Dr. Marten's stores. What really stood out for me, personally, was the stunning new-look Exclusive Books and the first in-store EB. Café...

Above: Making our way on foot from The Monarch to Rosebank Mall

Below: The new-look entrance to Rosebank Mall

Above: The trad black 14-hole Docs were selling for around R2.5k

Below: A pair of Union Jack kiddie's Docs which I think Goran would totally rock

Above: I could spend an absolute fortune in these Typo stores

Below: iwasshot in joburg :) photographs and related products, produced and sold by former street kids from Hillbrow. Read the inspiring story of how this local brand came about here.

Below: EB. Café

Above: A charming in-lay in one of the restaurant tables outside EB. Café

Below: Inside Exclusive Books itself

Apparently all the 'old' titles on the very high shelves, which can only be accessed by the sliding library ladders, were just sitting around in the Exclusive Books warehouse, waiting to be pulped, when someone came up with the ingenious idea of incorporating them into the shop's decor. Although not actively marketed as 'current' titles, they are still all for sale!

Above: The colourful and cosy kiddie's corner. Giant beanbags from Chic Shab.

Below: The fabulous independent Lilliputs toy store

Above: I can't help but think of Robert Smith, circa Boys Don't Cry era, when I look at this picture ;-)

Above and below: The best selection of LEGO and Playmobil I've seen just about anywhere

Saturday arvie in Rosebank - Part 1 of 2

Yesterday afternoon, Lee, Goran and I headed over to Rosebank where we hooked up with my father-in-law, my sister-in-law and her hubby - the latter out from Ireland on holiday, following their last visit out for their Stellenbosch wedding in February.

First we had a lovely chilled lunch on the terrace overlooking the courtyard behind The Monarch, a five-star boutique hotel on Oxford Road, directly opposite the Gautrain Rosebank Station. Housed in what used to be the iconic Saxonwold Post Office, dating back to the 1930s, this is definitely one of my favourite heritage buildings in Jozi. The last time we visited was for breakfast with friends in February 2010 - in the exciting lead-up to SA's hosting of the FIFA World Cup, which kicked off just four months later. My sister-in-law, who was out from London, where she was living at the time, joined us at the last minute. (By the end of that year, both couples who were at that breakfast had produced one sprog apiece, and this time round, my sister-in-law happens to be expecting her first!) The hotel was subsequently taken over by and now forms part of the global Mantis Collection.

The Monarch's set menu lunch special formed part of SA Restaurant Week 2014 (on until 2nd November), and although the cajun grilled chicken wrap main hit the spot, it was the fried calamari tubes with mango salsa and aubergine purée starter that packed a real punch. Artistically presented, and bursting with a subtle spicy flavour, it was like an edible Miró! One of the best starters I have had, anywhere, to date.

Above: My small human and I playing silly buggers in the powder room. He took all the lovely blurry shots of me ;-)

Below: My sister-in-law and her beautiful five-and-a-half month preggie belly

After lunch, we took a stroll next door to the recently revamped Rosebank Mall to check out some brand new SA flagship stores...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The eagle has landed. In Parktown North.

A month ago I blogged about the Lyle & Scott '140 Series' collaborative creative campaign I had participated in. Well, here are my pics from tonight's gala event at Gallery MOMO. Slick organisation, stunning venue, and excellent catering made for an all-round fabulous evening.

My budding shutterbug

Above: My artwork (#137), right next to the winning artwork (#139), which got the highest online bid (R800), and therefore won the R5,000. [Many artworks were disqualified from winning any of the prize money for failing to follow the brief correctly.]

Below: My favourite three artworks in the series. [Although the first one (#96) didn't follow the brief correctly, I just find it incredibly beautiful. Truly outstanding work, Ryan Pye!!]

Above: As the auctioneer announced the beginning of the silent auction over his mic, Goran turned round and hissed: "Shhhhh, Mom, you must be silent."

Below: Applauding enthusiastically in all the right places

Even though I didn't win anything (except R280 from the online auction), this was a truly awesome experience. I got a lekker little rush from seeing my work in a real, live gallery space, and it was a lot of fun seeing Goran enjoying himself so much.

I'd love to do this again... perhaps have my own exhibition one day...

Mmmm, who knows... watch this space ;-)