Monday, 16 December 2013

The bride wore black

When your friends decide to tie the knot on the final Friday the 13th of 2013, it's bound to be a day full of kinks and surprises.

Our own private comedy of errors aside (running out of petrol... on the highway... in the pouring rain... during rush-hour traffic... en route to the ceremony, and after the reception enduring the worst night's sleep at the world's noisiest backpacker's lodge this side of the equator), the unconventional Tim Burton-esque celebrations went off without a hitch, and were - even by Hollywood standards - pretty darn spectacular.

From a bride who wore black, to the first public appearance of the ANC's official new-and-improved sign language interpreter - hired to work alongside the MC, and a flash mob rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller by the bridal party halfway through the newlyweds' first dance, these nuptials definitely rank right up there with the ones we're 'least likely to forget'.

PS. Check out my photos from the bride's bachelorette party on Halloween 2013 hereAnd my photos from the couple's engagement party on April Fool's Day 2012 here.

St George's Anglican Church, built 1908. A Sir Herbert Baker building and a Cullinan heritage site. (Cullinan is famous for its diamond mines, and the 1905 discovery of the world-famous Cullinan Diamond - the largest gem-quality diamond ever found.)

Below: Victorian Manor in Cullinan

Above: Lee and me hamming it up for the photo booth camera

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rainy day paradise

For four hours today I got lost in Blairgowrie. Lost in a whimsical wonderland of arts, crafts, and play! What used to be an ad agency (they've downscaled and now occupy a much smaller space next door), has been converted into Rock Paper Scissors - an indoor playground, arts and crafts workshop venue, gift store and coffee shop, all rolled into one. 

Overseen by very hands-on owner Annette, the place is really charming and has a lovely energy. I think what made the biggest impression on me - besides her ingenious transformation of a stark industrial space into something genuinely warm and inviting, is the almost complete absence of anything mass-produced or plastic.

Below is a selection of pics I snapped on my iPhone during the course of the day. For all those parents out there looking for something to do with their littlies during the holidays - especially on miserable wet days like today, do yourself a favour and head on over for a few hours. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

When we were small, and Christmas trees were tall...

What an insanely busy and memorable week this has been. From Madiba's passing to my dad's 70th, Goran's last day of school for 2013 to Lee's company's Christmas dinner, a friend's art exhibition and taking Goran to see his first Christmas street lights, to a whole bunch of toilet training and party planning (for a little man who turns three in a few weeks time), plus shopping for his birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as coming up with ideas of how / where / when to keep him entertained during the six looooong weeks of school holidays ahead... Seriously, give that gal a Bell's!

Above: My baby-faced dad as a young man

Above and below: Goran and Thandeka - his best friend in the whole wide world

Above and below: Some pics I took at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site in January. We all knew the day would come when we would have to say goodbye to this incredible man, the most iconic symbol of our democracy, but none of us knew exactly how it would feel when it actually happened. Personally, right now I feel a deep sense of humility and gratitude - for all the sacrifices Madiba made in his fight for freedom - not just for black South Africans, but for all South Africans. Sure, we have our problems, and our current ANC government needs a fucking sjambokking, but show me a country with a perfect political track record. The fact is, no such place exists. I love South Africa, and am proudly South African. And that is in no small part due to the work of one Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. What a life! What a legacy! May his soul now rest in peace.

Above: The old Johannesburg Stock Exchange (diamond-shaped glass building) at 11 Diagonal Street in downtown Jozi

Below: Adego do Monge, Kensington

Above: Commissioner Street, downtown Jozi

Above and below: The start of the revamp of Goran's room

Below: 7th Avenue, Melville

Above: A display of Madiba (and other 'homegrown icon') onesies in Melville
Below: The Hot Wheels wall inside Bambanani, Melville