Monday, 21 May 2012

Where the wild roses grow

Last week is best buried and forgotten. Goran had a relapse of bronchiolitis (for which he was hospitalised last month), coupled with a painful bout of tonsillitis (preventing him from eating anything for almost five full days), and was diagnosed with what the paed believes is underlying asthma (for which he now has to use an inhaler via a spacer twice a day for the foreseeable future).

Being on sleep-deprived nurse duty 24/7, with a whining snotty toddler on hunger strike, was enough to push even the most battle-hardened mom over the edge. Somehow we managed to pull through, and yesterday afternoon Lee took Goran and me to Rosebank Rooftop Market, to release the pressure valve on my ever-mounting cabin fever. As much as I adore the likes of Etsy, there’s just something magical about the smörgåsbord of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures at a real-life market. It's the kind of stuff that really feeds my soul...

Above: Goran and his gorgeous new hand-knitted and uniquely embroidered hoodie, imported from Peru by Incandean Crafts (R240)
Below: Exquisite little African animals made out of recycled rubber flip-flops (R70 for the small ones, R80 for the larger ones)

Goran encounters his first busker...

Below: The best-priced moth orchids I have found anywhere in Jozi. It makes me feel sick when I think how much I spent on my latest specimen from Woolies.

After the market we wandered around the Mall itself and its younger, trendier sister The Zone @ Rosebank

Above and below: The lovely little shop front of Rozanne and Pushkin in The Zone

Below: Sowearto, also in The Zone

Below: The front of Goran's beautiful Peruvian hoodie

Monday, 14 May 2012

To market on Mother's Day

On Saturday night, as per usual, Goran slept over at his grandparents' place. So yesterday, Lee and I took the opportunity to sleep in nice and late. At lunchtime we headed downtown to Market on Main at Arts on Main, in the ever-evolving Maboneng PrecinctThe last time we were there was just over a year ago. It's actually pretty frightening how quickly time has flown, not to mention how much Goran has grown! From an eight-week-old fledgling to a headstrong 15-month-old toddler (adjusted age), it's like night and day.

Anyway, as far as Jozi markets go, Market on Main is by far the best for vintage clothes shopping. What started off as a single stall in the corner of the ground-floor food hall a year ago has blossomed into several well-stocked stalls on the first floor. But if it's food fare you're after, then Neighbourgoods Market in Juta Street, which we visited six months ago, is the superior offering. Fortunately they're on different days (Neighbourgoods: Saturdays, Market on Main: Sundays), as both are experiences I cannot recommend highly enough. To all my fellow Joburgers, as well as any visitors to our beautiful, bad-assed city.